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Prohibited Items and Services

Prohibited Items and Services


  • Pyramiding scheme , Ponzi scheme and other high yield investment schemes ads
  • Unlimited internet services and/or cable services that are illegal.
  • Dating services and Matching.
  • Unauthorized reproduction of media products and other copyrighted items
  • Human trafficking and prostitution,
  • Medical procedures not done by legal practitioners like doctors, dentists
  • Child and baby adoption service,
  • Illegitimate Lending and Cash offerings in exchange
  • Home service Glutathione injection and other related services
  • Unauthorized use of brands by independent distributors
  • Hacking Devices



  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Medicines and other over-the-counter drugs
  • Fake or Bootleg media products (e.g. DVD, CD, movies, mp3's, eBooks, e-magazines, etc.)
  • Tobacco products
  • Vehicles without legitimate registration
  • Fireworks and other explosive substances
  • Wholesale Used Clothings.
  • Imitated copies of original items
  • Adult toys, materials, sex-drive enhancements, and other related items
  • Abortifacient drugs
  • Non BFAD approved Health and beauty products
  • Bootleg media products (e.g. CD, DVD movies, mp3's, eBooks, e-magazines, etc.)
  • Used underwear and undergarments
  • Tobacco products
  • Guns, and other explosives
  • Endangered animals under Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act of the Philippines
  • Online passwords, codes for computer programs and online games
  • Human organs and blood donation
  • Burglary tools
  • Wildlife Products such as cadavers, heads and elephant tusks
  • Signal booster and Jammers
  • Breast/ Penis enhancer / enlarger pills
  • Do-It-Yourself braces
  • Perfumes and tester perfumes (Wholesale/Bulk selling of Branded Perfumes)
  • Hazardous/Toxic chemical products (e.g. insecticides, pesticides, etc.), Restricted and Perishable items
  • Consumer products and alike (e.g. processed foods, vitamins, supplements, hair-care, hygiene, weight-loss, cosmetics, health and beauty products, etc.)